Fauns are small, man-like beings with the glamour of either a goat or man, for they have goat-like horns and furry legs, with hoofed feet. They are not written about in The Spiderwick Field guide or books, but proof does exist in southern Europe, Russia and Canada, including two hoofprints, and a few sightings. Fauns love music, and many people say theirs' force one to dance. Fauns also love wine, brandy, and occasionally Rootbeer when they can get their hooves on it.

A Faun's average height is about five feet. They have a leader who was also worshipped by the Greeks called Pan; the God of the Wild. {The word "panic" is derived from the name "Pan".} Fauns will steal unfermented grapes from farmers. They are tricksy and pesky, much like their cousin the hobgoblin. Nobody has been lucky enough to take a photo of these elusive creatures, though Fauns do gather in large groups for festivals and other more merryment.

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