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Jared Evan Grace is a troubled kid and the 9 year old twin of Simon Grace who is also a dumb little brat. and brother to his 13 year old sister named Mallory Grace. When his parents split up and they had to move to the Spiderwick Estate, he was not happy. He had already began to get into more fights and was causing trouble. To make it worse, he finds Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide that shows a hole new world to him and his siblings and takes them on an adventure. He is very brave for his age and is just like his great uncle Spiderwick in his hobbie of faeries. Amongst the faeries, Jared is friends with Thimbletack, a Brownie, and a Hobgoblin, Hogsqueal, whom he rescues, as well as a Griffin, Byron, who in a way becomes Simon's pet. His enemies consist of Mulgarath the Ogre, Goblins that were Mulgarath's "helpers," and Red Cap, Leader of the Goblins. In the Film, he - along with Simon- are played by British actor Freddie Highmore.

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  • ...that Brownies are known to be helpful, but if angered they can turn into troublesome Boggarts.
  • ...that even when a Dragon is small, its poison can be very potent. The efficacy of the poison increases with the size of the Dragon.
  • ...that Dwarves are fine metalworkers with a deeply felt sense of honor.
  • ...that Elves sometimes dance in faerie rings. It is said that if a human joins thier dance, they can be spirited away for years and sometimes forever. Often, a loose circle of toadstools will be the only evidence of the faerie dancing.
  • ...that Goblins are malicious scavengers that can be dangerous in groups.

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