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Simon Everett Grace is the older twin brother of Jared Grace, the younger brother to Mallory Grace and son of Helen and Richard Grace. He has an uncle Terrence too. He is somewhat nerdy but respects authority. He cares for animals and faeries greatly. Even to the extreme of housing and nurturing a Griffin. He is calm, shy, caring, and apparently a pacifist. Known for protecting his twin multiple times. Simon is one of the main characters in The Spiderwick Chronicles. Amongst the faeries, Simon is friends with Thimbletack, a Brownie, and a Hobgoblin, Hogsqueal, whom he rescues, as well as a Griffin, Byron, who in a way becomes his pet after he takes care of him and houses him. His enemies consist of Mulgarath the Ogre, Goblins that were Mulgarath's "helpers," and Red Cap, Leader of the Goblins. In the Film, he - along with Jared- are played by British actor Freddie Highmore. In the video game, Highmore also voices the twins.


Simon Grace in the spiderwick chronicles video game
Simon Grace in the spiderwick chronicles video game
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In the books, he has a cat called Tibbs, some tadpoles, and two mice called Lemondrop and Jeffrey. In the end, Thimbletack froze the tadpoles in ice blocks and Tibbs was eaten by the Goblins. After being freed by Jared he found a new kitten. Jeffrey and Lemondrop were taken by Thimbletack. He returned them when his new house was built. In a way he also had Byron the Griffin when he was hurt. fbudgvyifd;fgvudfg;.jedlifgvdsoyfuygrfjdsdhjhdhsdudgifdgsidgisydiodsyfoucdsfg fhy8pfgcdsouyfgcdwc usgyivgdsyucfszg  fhgviudt vfiuakwefiuosiudtfgoceiwtfouavtfiytdg fda f fui tui fguyf awdy tdy fuds fad gfiwef iysdfydsgf is csa  fgiud gdsouyf cgasdyvgdys f yf

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