Sirens are a rare sub-species of mermaid inhabiting the waters of the Mediterranean. These mermaids were known by Arthur Spiderwick but he never got the chance to write about them in his field guide.

Sirens are one of the most beautiful of all mermaids. Their fins, skin, scales and hair can vary, depending on the sea life living in their waters. Similar to a mudskipper, they have fins along the sides of their tails allowing them to move better on land than other merfolk.

Sirens posses magical voices like all merfolk. A siren's voice is described as beautiful as the sea and yet as frightening as a tidal wave. A Siren's voice can put any creature under her spell, even other faeries. When someone is under a Siren's spell, she can make them do anything from dancing to committing dangerous feats. Unlike other merfolk and Nixies, the person who was put under the spell will still be in a sleep-like trance for a short while after the Siren has stopped singing. After free from the song, the person will forget everything happened when they were under it.

Sirens adore music. Like humans, sirens love many different kinds of music. Some say the right kind of music can summon a Siren from her watery domain. Sirens also adore shiny objects such as shells, jewels or lovely pebbles. Sirens are also very curious about life on land and sometimes watch Humans on jetties and boats.

Sirens live in watery caverns near rocky outcroppings and reefs. Many of their homes have been famous for sinking ships. Like other merfolk, Sirens migrate often but their migrations tend to be short by mermaid standards. Sirens rarely leave the Mediterranean. They usually migrate from the Aegean sea to the coast of Turkey.

Similar to Nixies, Sirens can be quite playful and are usually seen swimming with dolphins. Sirens are also very vain; many will sit on rocks, combing their hair and admiring their reflections in pools of water. Sirens, like other mermaids, can be very dangerous; their voices can lure anyone to a watery grave.

Known SirensEdit

Many Sirens inhabit the seas of the Mediterranean. Sirens have also appeared in Greek myths such as The Odyssey, and Jason and the Argonauts. The heroes in both these stories were able to escape the Sirens' song.

One Siren left the Mediterranean and now lives in the Rhine. People call her the Lorelei. She often sits on a rock in the river, luring men to a watery demise.

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