Sylph by xdion-d30jlh7
In the film, Sylphs are magic orientated beings mysteriously connected to Arthur Spiderwick's family. They can alter an organism's perception of time. Sylphs seemingly manifest physically as dandelion seeds and generally migrate or travel in large groups.


The most elegant of its species, the Sylph is delicate in form and nature. The faerie resembles that of the dandelion seedlings.

They are airborne creatures, hence, their names, referring to the sylvan species of airborne fairies. When in full flight they emit the most beautiful sounds and in flocks they are perfectly orchestrated.

It is easy to find oneself distracted, even entranced by their intoxicating symphony.

Detail of Sylphs delicate features: its face carries an expression of perfect contentment and is encased in a form not dissimilar to a budding rose.

It is possible Sylphs are related to or a subspecies of Sprites.




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