Terrance Fink


Elven Changeling (Hamadryas nemorivagans).

Terrance Fink was an Elven Changeling boy that grew up in a farm in upstate New York.

Probably, the Elves placed the Changeling at the Fink family shortly after they came home with a newborn from the hospital.

The Finks contacted Arthur Spiderwick, who came out to investigate and discovered the following:

The man in the house, Dennis, was a robust man widely known for his great appetite. One morning, when it was served pancakes to breakfast, Dennis ate one dozen pancakes. But that's nothing compared to Terrance, who ate 20 pancakes and then asked for more.

Terrance's hair was strange as well. No matter how much his poor mother would comb and cut it, it would still grow several inches a day and stuck up at odd angles so the boy's head was said to resemble a pineapple.

Terrance always walked around barefoot, and would often snicker but rarely talk. He became very interested in Arthur's spectacles.

He had pointed ears. His eyes were in certain light a deep dark green, but other times they could be an icy blue.

The Elven Changeling was known to often go on long walks in the woods that lasted for hours, even in the middle of the night. One day he didn't return, and he was never seen again. A few weeks after he disappeared, a bundle with strange fruits arrived at the Finks' door, wrapped in Terrance's shirt. The Finks were adviced by Arthur to get rid off the fruit, who probably wasn't harmless.

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