The Knocker


The Old Quarry

This Knocker lived in the Old Quarry.


When Jared and Simon had rescued their sister from the Dwarves and they were fleeing through the mines, chased by mechanical dogs, they encountered the Knocker. He told them that the stones spoke to him, and he said that the stones said that the children should go through a large crack in one of the cavern walls. But before leaving, the little Kobold gave Jared a stone, explaining that it wished to follow him.

The Knocker was not seen again after that.

Personality and traitsEdit

The Knocker claimed that he could hear the stones speak to him, and he often stacked small rocks on the stalagmites of the cave where he lived. He spoke so quick you could barely hear the words: "Thestonesspeak. Thestonesspeaktome."

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