The Lost Chapters


Holly Black & Tony DiTerlizzi
January 2008
The Spiderwick Chronicles

The "Lost Chapters" are a complement to The Spiderwick Chronicles written by Holly Black and illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi. They were first released in the U.S. from January 1 to March 1, 2008, featuring one book in every package of the cereal company Lucky Charms. The Chapters work as background stories for The Spiderwick Chronicles Book 2, and the release were tied to the cinematic release of The Spiderwick Chronicles movie in February.

Plot Edit

The Lost Chapters: Goblins AttackEdit

This chapter features how Thimbletack became a Boggart. One evening, the Brownie is attacked by a pack of Goblins who searches for the Field Guide for their master. Thimbletack convinces them to play a riddle game. If the Goblins can solve Thimbletack's riddle, he have to show them were the Field Guide is hidden. If they can't solve it, they have to let him go. The Brownie tells his riddle, and while the Goblins are wondering what the answer may be, Thimbletack escapes into the house. When thinking of Arthur and Lucinda leaving him alone in the house, Thimbletack becomes angry and turns into a Boggart.

The Lost Chapters: Troll TroubleEdit

This chapter features how the River Troll's bridge at Robinson Creek is destroyed. One late afternoon, Arthur Spiderwick is out drawing in the yard while his daughter Lucinda plays with fireflies. Thimbletack witnesses the hungry River Troll, lurking up from its river, heading towards Arthur and Lucinda. It waits for the sun to go down so it can attack the unaware Humans. Thimbletack runs into the chicken house and nips a feather of the rooster's tail. It crows high, making the Troll believe that it is morning. It goes back to its river and leaves Arthur and Lucy alone. The next day, the Brownie tells Arthur about the whole thing, and Arthur takes a big sledgehammer and go down to the bridge to "teach that Troll a lesson".

The Lost Chapters: Great EscapeEdit

This chapter features how Hogsqueal got captured by the Goblins. Hogsqueal the Hobgoblin hangs out with a roving band of Goblins, who believe him to be one of their kind. One day, the pack goes to the old Junkyard to search for food, where Hogsqueal discovers a small kitten. Normally, he would have eaten it, but its green eyes are resembling his own, and it mews so cute, that he hides it under his hat. The Goblins notice and asks what he got under the hat. Hogsqueal answers "Nothing", but the kitten mews. The Goblins start to chase Hogsqueal, saying that he "gotta chare". The Hob throws the kitten inside an old broken car, but the Goblins catch up with him and captures the kitten. The tiny cat and the Hobgoblin is brought back to the Goblin Camp, where they are locked in cages. Hogsqueal manage to release the kitten from its prison, and then sit down and starts to wait for someone coming to rescue him.

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