The Sight is the ability to see the Invisible World and its inhabitants: the Faeries. You can be born with the Sight, and have a better chance of being born with it if you are the seventh son of a seventh son, the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, or if you are born with red hair. You can also gain the Sight by bathing in Faerie bathwater, or being spit in the eyes by a Hobgoblin. Other theories have to do with Fairies making a magical potion, made of four-leaf clovers, that they rub on the eyes of their newly born babies and occasionally Humans (however, this does not explain how the non-sentient animals of the Invisible World, like Manticores, Unicorns and Dragons gain the Sight). Also, holding a four-leaf clover can give you the Sight. The most common way to receive the Sight is too find a stone with a naturally carved hole in it to see through. In fact, every circle-shaped opening can give insight to the other world, but no ring are as efficient as a true Seeing Stone. Humans without the Sight can still catch glimpses of Faeries in dawn and dusk, in the "between times" when it's not day nor night. Young people have easier for this, as they themselves are in "between time" of childhood and the adult life. To stand in "between places" is another way, for example by standing with one foot in water and another on dry land.

Note that if someone touches a Human with the Sight (or a Faerie) that person will also gain the Sight for as long as the physical contact remains. When the contact is broken, the "borrowed" ability will disappear.

Humans with the SightEdit

Those who have gained the Sight permanently are marked with bold text.
Spiderwick Wyvern


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