The movie based off of the book series with the same name. Starring Freddie Highmoore as Jared and Simon Grace. 

Differences from the Original BooksEdit

  • The 4th Book is completely omitted from the movie.
  • Arthur Spiderwick is held captive by elves after trying to trick them in the books. In the movie he was taken by the sylph after they saved him from goblins .
  • Arthur Spiderwick turns to dust in the books. In the movie, he takes Lucinda back to the forest in her 6 year old form.
  • The Protective Circle is not in the book.
  • The books take place over the course of a few weeks. The movie takes place in 1 day.
  • The final battle takes place at Mulgarath's Castle. In the Movie it takes place at the Spiderwick Mansion .
  • The Field guide was found in the false bottom of a chest in the attic. In the movie it is found in the secret room simply wrapped in a cloth.
  • It takes honey for a Boggart to turn into a Brownie . In the story, you simply have to be nice to it.
  • Simon saved a Griffin and nursed it in the book. This doesn't happen in the movie, because Byron is already ok.
  • Several creature such as the Phooka , The Stray Sod , The Dragon , Unicorn , Elves and Dwarves are not in the movie.
  • Hogsqueal has a much larger role in the book, and is actualy a 1/2 good 1/2 bad guy.
  • Redcap/Wormrat has a much bigger apperance in the movie than the book.
  • The Troll is more of a character in the book than in the movie,first of all he speaks in the book, and to top it all off in the movie he's in a different scene.
  • In the book Mulgarath wears a cloak.
  • In the book Hogsqueal dosn't eat birds as often. 
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Making of Spiderwick Chronicles


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