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An Unicorn (Unicornatus cristatus).

This is what's written in Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You about Unicorns.

Unicorns (Family: Monoceratidae)Edit

Revered for centuries as one of the most magical of all creatures, the unicorn is perhaps best known for its healing qualities. The touch of a unicorn will cure disease and purify liquids. For this reason, unicorns were hunted and slain. Cups, plates and utensils are able to render poison harmless if carved from unicorn horns. Shoes and belts of unicorn hide cure fevers, and the ground-up liver of a unicorn was believed to heal leprosy. Even the powder of the horn was believed to cure a myriad of illnesses.

Named for the single, twisting horn on their brows, unicorns have slender, deer-like bodies, long necks, and tails ending in a puff of fur. Unicorns are solitary creatures, each one staking out a large tract of land and meeting only for the purpose of mating.

Despite their beneficent nature, unicorns are formidable when cornered. They are exceedingly fast and their horns are very sharp, making them a even match for lions and even dragons.

Known speciesEdit

  • Unicorn (Unicornatus cristatus)

Additional factsEdit

The Unicorn seems to have the ability to communicate through the horn with some kind of telepathy.

Even though some sources claim Unicorns are willing to lay down in the laps of maidens, this is not true and it is dangerous business for anyone to get close to a Unicorn; unicorns only accept the ones who are truly innocent with pure spirits.

Just like zebras, Unicorns cannot be ridden or tamed.

Unlike modern horses, the creature have toes instead of hooves, just like the prehistoric equines.


Unicorns have magical powers and they are very mythical some peolple belive in them and some dont they are not as popular as they used to be int he

middle ages


The looks of all creatures in the Spiderwick Chronicles were, according to Tony DiTerlizzi, "reverse evolved fro

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