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    Fan fiction

    September 3, 2012 by SimHobgoblin32

    Fleshtoad looked at the yellow cat that walked across the road. The Goblin smiled, revealing teeth from a dead weazel he'd found once.

    The cat did not seem to notice the Goblin who approached it from behind. But suddenly, it looked down the road and then quickly ran over. Fleshtoad looked where the cat had stood. He wondered what could have scared off his meal, when suddenly striked by a car.

    When Fleshtoad woke up, he stared up at the sky. The outer corners of his eyes were dim and black. A horrible pain in the head threatened to make the Goblin swoon again. Fleshtoad saw a large creature standing besides him and staring at him. A Human. A boy. It stared at the Goblin with fascination. The boy had a back-turned cap on his tousled, red-haire…

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  • SimHobgoblin32

    As I have already mentioned, I'm Swedish, and before I only had the Chronicles and the Field Guide in Swedish. But two days ago, a box set with Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles arrived, and I was so happy! The next day, the Spiderwick Chronicles Completely Fantastical Edition came, and I was even more happy!

    I ordered Beyond one day after I ordered the Completely Fantastical Edition, but 'cause I ordered from two different sites, and one of them use to be faster than the other, Beyond came before.

    Oh, and I recieved Care and Feeding of Sprites and Notebook for Fantastical Observations last week or something, I don't remember...

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  • SimHobgoblin32

    Just to clear things out: I always capitalize the first letter in words to describe Faeries, despite the case in the English version of the Field Guide and the Chronicles. But I feel this is right, because you almost always spell "Human" with a big "H". Because most Faeries are as intelligent as Humans, they should also have capitalized names. Do you get my point?

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  • SimHobgoblin32

    YES!!! It's finally here! Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You in English original! I am Swedish, so before, i only had the Swedish, translated version of the book. This mess things up more than you might think. You see, the faeries have a bit peculiar names: Thimbletack, Leatherleaf and things like that. And the Swedish translator, named Carla Wiberg, have given them quite different names. Here's a list of examples.

    • Thimbletack - Tråckeltum
    • Hogsqueal - Pipgrisen
    • Teaberry - Olvon
    • Toadshade - Paddskym
    • Lickspittle - Snyltmes

    So, now when it's finally here, I'm off to editing.

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